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Price Match Grocery List Sheet

Hi :)  Thanks for stopping by! I have a GREAT printable to help make price matching easier. I LOVE to use coupons and I also LOVE to price match at Walmart. (Please click HERE to read how I like to coupon shop at Walmart)

This idea for this printable came from my Mom. We LOVE to coupon shop together :)

What this printable is for is to help you when you go to a store and you have  items you are going to price match. In the first row on the printable you write the item, the second row you write the store it is on sale at, in the third row you write the ad price and in the last row you put if you have a coupon to use on the item. This will help so MUCH when you go to price match. You can watch as they ring up your items and tell them as they get to the items on your list. And it makes it easier to do the planning and shopping for those items too.

Please click HERE and then right click on the printable to save it and then you can print it. I saved it to print as an 8 1/2 x 11.

Please click HERE to see Walmarts Ad Match Policy

Please click HERE to see Targets Ad Match Policy

I hope y’all enjoy this printable. If there are any other printables that you would like to see on Digi-Mama’s please let me know :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ps….  Thanks Mom for this GREAT Idea :)

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