Mindware Review for KEVA Toys, a Free Printable and a Coupon Code, Yay!!!!

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Hi, Thank you so much for stopping by, today we have a fun review for you, a coupon code and a free printable! The review is for the KEVA Connect Builder Set and the KEVA Maker Bot Maze. I will start this post with the reviews, then the coupon code and then the printable :)


Review 1 – KEVA Connect Builder Set:


This was something so new to me and my kiddos, we have never had any KEVA products. Oh my word we were totally missing out on something so fun. Especially if you get the second item we are reviewing in this post too ;) This set the Keva Connect Builder Set (in our box) has 54 connector pieces and 90 wood pieces. You basically can take the connectors and form all kinds of stuff with the wood planks. It is nothing like regular wood building blocks you stack. With the Keva Connect building set you can make endless designs.

The images below show the first thing we made. My husband honestly had no idea what it was, but it was fun to make and play with ;) lol….. It is a restaurant with tables and people eating pizza. This is what our imagination came up with, its like with all art / creativity – no matter who you give this set to we all can come up with something totally different, even if we have the same idea in mind, we can totally take this set and make it our own.





As you can see in one of the photos we had pieces still let over that we could use. This is a big set! And AWESOME!!!!


Review 2 – KEVA Maker Bot Maze

This one is so MUCH fun too! The first set we used you can totally use with this to make a bigger design. This set you basically in their words get to tinker with ;) You get a bag of stuff that you use to decorate the bot with. The bot is included in the box assembled. My daughter said it looked like a little scrubby brush. Please check out ours designs below :)

Keva Bots

What the bot does is, you get to make a maze with the connectors and wood planks and then set the bots loose in the maze to play. We had races with ours.

As you can tell by the picture one of our bots has the simplistic look and the other is over the top fun with all kinds of stuff on it that came in the kit! I love both ;)

Now for the maze ;)

We decided to go with a design in the instruction book that came with the kit.


Oh, I forgot to mention you get to make little obstacles for the bots too. You can see those in the image below. We used the instruction book to make those, we did change them up a bit, but got the ideas for them from there.


Some of the obstacles we made with stuff in the kit and some we made with just using different wood planks in the set. Like adding extra ones here and there.

Want to see it in action?

Please check out the video below ;)


Yay!!!!  Now for the COUPON CODE!!!!!!!!!!

The AWESOME people over at Mindware made a coupon code just for our readers!!!!!  Thank you so MUCH to them :)

The coupon code is: DIGIMAMAS16

It is good through 4/30 – and you will get 15% off your entire order!


And as promised I made a free printable for you to use with the Keva Connect Builder Set :) It is little people that you can print on either 8-1/2 x 11 white computer paper or sticker paper and then you just cut them out and stick them on the wood planks. For ours I just printed them on computer paper and glued them on.

Please click HERE for the printable!





Thank you so much again for stopping by and thank you so much to Mindware for sending us these sets to review. They really are so MUCH FUN! Please let us know if you get the sets and what you think about them, I’m sure they will be loved by all :)

Disclosure: I am receiving these sets for the review at no charge. My opinion is honest and my own and is not influenced by Mindware or KEVA brand. 

To check out our Terms of Use, Disclaimer & Copyright information please click HERE. Thanks!

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