Logans FoamWerks Tools Review

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by ;) I’m BEYOND excited to do this review today. It is for the W1002 Deluxe FoamWerks Kit. Below is what is listed on their site in this kit, this is what we got to test out.


FoamWerks Deluxe Kit Item list

We have made three different items so far using this kit. Also I wanted to mention what we bought to make these and the cost. I bought the foam board from the dollar tree, I bought several that I played around with, but made these three products with 2 boards. I bought 3 fat quarters fabrics that were around $1.00 each. The ribbons I used were between $1.00 – $2.00 (I used three of them) The glue I used I had on hand. And the little flowers on the bow holder I got for a couple of dollars. All together for all three projects I spent approximately $14.00. WOW!!!!!!!!  I use to make and sell bow holders and I charged around $30.00 and up for mine. I do have to admit the ones I made and sold I would put a back on them and use thicker foam board (so the cost was more to make them) but to make one that you are using at your home and not selling, one that does not matter if the back is finished this is totally worth it! And honestly from the front just as cute (if I do say so myself – lol)

So now for the three items I made, I will give a brief description of how I made them. I promise to try my BEST to get video tutorials up on our YouTube channel one of these days. I have been planning do some stuff on there for a while and I think these would be super awesome to put up first :)

For the ballerina bow holder I used the Logan WB-6020 Foamwerks FreeStyle Cutter and I just drew a torso image on the foam board and cut it out. I glued fabric on it and secured it on the back. Next I fancied it up by adding ribbons and little flowers. I also glued on a ribbon to hang it up with. Next I added a ribbon around the waist and glued it on the back and tied tulle to it to make the front tutu. Next I glued three ribbons on the tutu to hang the hair bows on, I also put some extra glue were the tutu is to hold in place at the top. And Voila a super adorable bow holder fit for any little princess!


Next I made a bow / picture holder with the Logan W3001 Foamwerks Channel Rail and the Logan WC-6001 Foamwerks Straight Cutter. I just used them to cut out a square shape, I glued on fabric and ribbons. At the top I added a ribbon hanger by gluing it onto the back. And there you go a super cute holder to store bows or pictures, or both ;) I like to use the little tiny clothespins to hang the pictures on them.


The last thing I made was something that just kind of happened. I took the Logan WA-8001 Foamwerks Circle Cutter and cut out one circle around 4″ and then another circle bigger around the same shape I already cut to make a foam wreath to use to decorate. Before decorating it I took the Logan WD-8011 Foamwerks Hole Drill and put a hold at the the top to tie a ribbon through to hang it with. Then I just took pieces of fabric and tulle that was cut into strips and tied it around the entire wreath. I honestly loved it like this and then started playing around and came up with the idea for a shadow box wreath. To make it I just cut more circles with the center cut out like the wreath and I made one that was a complete circle with no center cut out. I glued the pieces together stacking them on top of each other and putting the solid one on the back. I covered the inside rim and the outside rim with ribbon to make it look nicer. And then I just added a clip to the inside so I can add pictures and still be able to switch them out. And there you have a shadow box wreath that would make an AWESOME gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion :)


Below you can check out the videos for each item from their YouTube Channel.


Okay, now for the pros / cons – to be honest I have no cons – the only thing I would say is PLEASE be super careful handling the blades, they are super sharp (which is good since you want nice clean cuts / edges on the foam board) but still, they can be dangerous – I DO NOT recommend using these items with children)

Now for the pro list:

Awesome! I LOVE IT!

Awesome! I LOVE IT!

Awesome! I LOVE IT!


That really does sum it up. This is one of the BEST craft tools I have had the pleasure to use. I made ballerina bow holders for years and sold them. I would cut them out with a regular razer blade which can leave your edges not always the best and it’s hard for me to cut the pieces out so they would match. I wasted so MUCH foam board re-cutting stuff. With the Logan products it’s easy to use and you get amazingly professional looking cuts / pieces.

I already have more ideas of stuff I can make with these awesome tools. Oh and did I mention? You get a book with ideas in it too. You can check it out on their site HERE.


I hope so much you will stop by their site and check out all of their items. This set is priced around $120.00 and is in my opinion totally worth it. For the three crafts I made I only spent around $14.00, if I would have had to buy the glue I already had it would have still been under $20.00 and I think the three projects I made would have at least been $60.00 or more to buy already made. Just think of all the items you could make instead of buying and how much you would save. I promise this is not suppose to sound like an infomercial I just really do love this set. I can’t wait to make more items, gift items and just all kind of stuff with it.

Thanks Logans for sending us these items to test out. And thank y’all our AWESOME readers for stopping by! Please let me know if you get it and try it out!


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