Logan Graphics Picture Framing Tools Review

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Hi, Thanks for stopping by! Today we have a review for Logan Graphics Products, Inc. (Framing Tools) – before I start the review I want to tell Logan’s I’m so sorry this review took a while to get up. We had planned on putting this up last month and had stuff happen. These items are really so awesome and I feel terrible I did not get the review up sooner!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super excited to finally be doing it and putting this up for y’all to check out.

We reviewed the following items – you can find videos for their items on their Youtube channel (Logan Graphic) they show how to assembly and use them. Below I have a little description and how I liked the items. Below that I will tell more about how we made our picture frame.

Logan F200-2 Precision Sander Elite

This sander was so easy to put together and use. It works really great and sanded the edges very nicely.F200-2-Precision-Sander-Elite-2

Logan F300-1 Studio Joiner

This was the item I thought I would have a hard time using. I have never made a picture frame and I just knew I would struggle with this part, but nope – it was very easy to use. It’s magnetic where you put the v nails – it makes it so easy and fast to use.


712 Mat Cutter Upgrade Kit

The book that came with this was super helpful. I did not use the glass cutter since I liked the clear acrylic sheet, the acrylic cutter worked really nicely and was super easy to use, I used it with the mat board cutter (350-1 Compact Elite) I meant to buy more than one piece of acrylic – I figured I would mess up and break one, but it really was so simple to use. I got it cut out on the first try. And believe me be, that is an accomplishment for me. It normally takes me a few tries for stuff like this :)


Logan 350-1 Compact Elite

This item was another I was worried I would mess up on. I tried before to cut mat board by hand and it went down hill so fast. When you cut the center of the mat board out it has little marks so you know where to start and stop making it so easy to use. And so professional looking. It cuts a beveled edge. Very impressed with this item!!!!


F500-3 Deluxe Frame Finishing Kit

This set has my favorite item in it, it is the Logan F500-2 Dual Drive Elite – it is the tool you use to put the little tab things on the back of the frame that holds the glass and art work in. I really was amazed at how easy it was to use. I think this is awesome to have so if I ever break one off on a frame I can replace it.


Below are the other items we used.

Blue Hawk Blue Hawk Miter Box and Saw

In the book we received from them they do not recommend plastic miter boxes, this is what I had on hand so I did use it. I will say that the wood I used seemed super hard, I don’t think it was a soft wood, it was kind of hard to cut with this. I recommend reading the book and using the tools that is suggested by them. They from what I understood suggest using a power saw.  In the book it tells what you will need to add and stuff to make it work for picture frame moulding. They also mention picture framing saws. I would for sure make sure to read the book found HERE.

96704-N Picture Frame Moulding


OPTIX 0.08-in x 8-in x 10-in Clear Acrylic Sheet


I also bought some glass and some mat board that I ended up not using. I REALLY liked the clear acrylic sheet we got so I did not use the glass. And the mat board I used was in the packaging in one of the boxes they sent me from Logan Graphics. The other item I did need that I forgot was wood glue. I ended up using Aleene’s Tacky Glue and it seemed to work great.

 Here is a little run down of how we made our frame.


I used the miter box to cut the frame moulding.

100_6983 Next I sanded and colored the ends with a marker.


100_6988Then I used the joiner and put the frame together.

joinerAfter that I cut the clear acrylic sheet to fit the frame. And I cut the mat board.

100_7000Then I put everything in the frame and added the little tab things with the dual driver.

100_7002Lastly I added a dust cover and voilà it was all done :)

Ready to see the frame ;) The artwork in it is my daughters picture she drew. She is giving it to her brother for his birthday.


What do you think?

I think this would be awesome to use for framing your own pictures instead of paying to have it done. One thing I’m going to use it for is making gifts for Christmas. I love the idea that if you hand make it like this you get to choose the items you make it with. You get to choose the quality of the items. I have some picture frames I bought that did look nice, but were cheaply made and messed up several of my pictures I put in them. So making them yourself you can make sure they are good quality.

I hope so much you will stop by and check out all the items Logan Graphics sells, they really are amazing!

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Thanks Logan Graphics Products Inc. for sending us these AWESOME items to review. And thank you to our AMAZING readers for stopping by!

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