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Hi, Thanks for stopping by! Today I have a fun review for something I think all Moms and Dads have bought a version of for their school age kids. Or I should say have bought numerous of them – since if they are like ones I have purchased break after no time. Wondering what I’m talking about, its headphones. I’m super excited to tell you about the ones we reviewed. I purposely wanted my daughter to use these for a full two weeks before doing this review. That way I could tell you after a few weeks if they still work and how she likes them. Usually that is our time line after a week or two they whine they don’t like them or the cord starts looking a little shabby. My daughter is 6 and is super rough with chargers for tablets and super duper bad with headphones. She has broke two pair in the last month. And one pair she had she said was so uncomfortable she would not wear them. Well when CozyPhones contacted me about a review I was all about trying them out. These headphones are like none I have seen or purchased before – they are like a headband (her’s is fleece) they are super comfy. They are made with a flexible and durable 1.5 meter braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. In my daughter’s words “I LOVE THEM” She got the Panda ones.


You can find them HERE and HERE.

They also have other cute styles, please check out the photos below I got from their site.





I ask my little ladybugs to tell me her favorite things about them, I have the top 3 below:

  1. Love that they look like a panda
  2. Sounds good
  3. Loves she can use them on her tablet and laptop

I did ask her if they are comfortable and she said yes. I guess the look and sound was her top qualities here ;) I will say, if they were not comfy that would have been the first thing she would have told me.

I wanted to show a picture of what they look like after a few weeks. I purposely did not tell my daughter to be careful with them. I let her pull on them and drop them and do her normal stuff when I’m not looking :) You can see from the photo below they look great, minus the spot on the back where she put them on with chocolate on her hands. Whoops, I would have stopped that one, but missed it until it was too late. But hey, they held up.



I do highly recommend them. The only thing I would not do is let them use them when sleeping. I did not let my little ladybugs. She uses them when we are doing home-school and when she watches videos on her laptop and playing games on her tablet.

I also got to review a pair for me ;) Yay! I love them just as much as she does. They are so beyond comfortable, the sound is amazing and, like Ladybugs I can say it enough – I LOVE THEM ;)

This is the pair I got, mine I will say, does still look the same after a few weeks of use, no chocolate marks (yet) ha! ha!

Mine came with a nice little bag to store them in.

Black-main-w-box-bag-cable-stacked-without-box_grande DigiMamas_CozyPhones-Review-Image3

You can find the ones I got HERE and HERE.

I hope so much you will give them a try. If you do please let us know how you like them.

Thanks for stopping by and Thanks CozyPhones for sending us these awesome items to review!!!!!


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