Digi Dad: Top 10 List of CRAZY things I’ve Done or Had Done to Me Since Becoming a Dad

10. Smell a babies tush to see if they pooped. 9. Thank the Lord EVERYDAY that I work! 8. Taste the baby food to make sure it’s not to hot and for the yucky ones ask my wife to test it because I could not tell (even though I did not try it – too gross) 7. {Read More…}

Top 10 Most Craziest Mom Moments I Have Had….

This is a list of the Top Ten Most Craziest Mom Moments I Have Had….. (these are in no particular order – just what came to my mind first) 1.  My son at age two took the dogs water bowl and poured it in the dogs hard food – oh it gets worse….  I turn {Read More…}

My Favorite Baby Items

This is a list of  Ten of my favorite items I used with both of my little ones: 1. Rocking Chair – I had three: My Uncle gave me one, my Mother In Law gave me one and I bought one – I used them all the time. I had one in my room, one {Read More…}