Baby Bird Update

Hi ;) Thank you so MUCH for stopping by. As promised I am doing this post (update) about our baby birds. They are all about 5 weeks old now. They are in there own cage together, without the Mama and Daddy birds. We had to actually take them out from the Mom early because of {Read More…}

Pilot and Abby Update & Free Color Sheet Printable

Hi ;) Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks since we did an update about our birds. They had laid 6 eggs and four of them hatched. We now have 4 happy little baby birds ;) They seem to be doing great. We tried to take some pictures {Read More…}

First Baby Bird Hatched

Hi ;) Thank you so MUCH for stopping by. We have some exciting news about our┬ábirds (you can see the first post about them here) Today one of their eggs hatched:) We have named the little bird Sila. We have tried to put extra bedding material in the nesting box, but the Mama Bird (Pilot) {Read More…}

Exciting News About Our Birds

Hi ;) Thanks so much for stopping by. We first wanted to say Happy Halloween. And secondly we wanted to share some fun news. We have two birds, their names are Abby & Pilot. They are both parakeets, one is blue and the other is green / yellow. My kids got them a while ago. {Read More…}